MPM10 Penrhyn Quarry Railway Coal Wagons

Scale = 4mm to the foot (1:76.2)

Gauge = 9mm (009)


The Penrhyn Railway (1879-1962) carried quarry output from the workings at Bethesda to Porth Penrhyn. Coal was brought by Sea to the port and was delivered by rail to the quarry and locations on route for a variety of uses: blacksmiths, pumping engines, domestic and office heating. The first wagons for this traffic were in use when the line was horse drawn, the Penrhyn Railroad (1801-1879), a batch built in 1856/7 form the subject of this kit. A feature of this design is the heavy timber ‘rubbing strake', these kept open the level crossing gates whilst the train was in motion. The wagons were in use at the end of steam haulage, although other types of coal wagons had been built. The last, of all metal, in 1956 with end doors. Examples of the wooden 1856 type have been preserved. NO. 1A may be seen at Penrhyn Castle Museum.

MPM10 Penrhyn Quarry Railway Coal Wagons
MPM10 Penrhyn Quarry Railway Coal Wagons

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