MPM24 4 Wheel Tank Wagon Rectank (Based On WW1 Conversion)

Scale = 4mm to the foot (1:76.2)

Gauge = 9mm (009)


This tank wagon is closely based on a World War 1 light railways ‘field conversion. The unstable nature of the ground on which some of the forward area supply lines were constructed, either by water-logged subsoil or by shell fire (or both), caused some of the steam locomotives to roll alarmingly ln particular the American built Baldwin and Alco six-coupled side had a high center of gravity were known to capsize entirely. The water in the side tanks flowing from one tank to the other via the balance pipe was seen to be the cause and in an attempt to combat this some locos had their tanks removed and placed on flat wagons to act as water tenders. As yet no complete photograph has been seen to show these in service although glimpses may be seen in the background of some ‘photos Ref. Narrow Gauge at War, Plateway Press. This kit can be used to simulate this role or used as a general purpose tank wagon.

MPM24 4 Wheel Tank Wagon Rectank
MPM24 4 Wheel Tank Wagon Rectank

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