MPM6 Penrhyn Quarry Railway De Winton Slate Wagons

Scale = 4mm to the foot (1:76.2)

Gauge = 9mm (009)


The Penrhyn Quarry Railway (1879-1962) conveyed dressed slate to Porth Penrhyn in iron framed wagons with 'crate' style bodies. The development of this type of design may be credited to the Quarry Railway and its forbears. The builders De Winton of Caernarvon, famous for their vertical boilered locomotives and also the builders of the workmen's opens (kit MPM3), produced some 200 slate wagons for Penrhyn from 1878-188l. These ‘fifth phase' wagons (see Penrhyn Quarry Railways', J.I.C. Boyd, Oakwood Press, 1985) were produced in three batches, early (14O wagons), middle (app. 20) and late (40). They were fitted with sprung buffer/drawgear and 2 wheel, later 4-wheel brakes. A feature of Penrhyn slate wagons was the fitting of internal wooden 'buffing' strakes, this was to minimise damage to the load when in transit down inclines.

In later years, the workshops at Coed Y Parc removed the 2 wheel brakes that were fitted to early and middle batch wagons. This and the numerous alterations carried out to keep vehicles available for service can be noted. Our model is of wagon No.lO built in 188O as extant in a private collection. Other examples may be viewed both at the Amberley Chalk Pits' Museum and Penrhyn Castle Museum.

MPM6 Penrhyn Quarry Railway De Winton Slate Wagons
MPM6 Penrhyn Quarry Railway De Winton Slate Wagons

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